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Rebecca Burns – Gainesville/St. Augustine Areas

Carolyn Wilkerson – St. Augustine Area

What a great day riding our horses at Mickler’s Landing at Ponte Vedra (pronouced pont-rah vede-drah) in St. Johns County on Monday Aug 26th!

to the beach Entering the beach…Heads held high! Let’s see how we all do.

Rebecca and her horsey friend Beth, hauled their personal horses out of Gainesville at 5:30am in order to catch the low tide, and arrived at the Mickler’s Landing (pronounced “Myk-lers.) Famous for its pink coquina sand stretches of beach that is very private.

Humans take the wooden walkway through 20-foot high sand dunes to experience the unspoiled natural habitat of wildlife and find ancient shark’s teeth among the plentiful shells, while the horse riders take the designated sandy trail to the beach.

IMG_1356 Stanley trusting his human Beth and Oncore, and in the water! Woohoo!

We arrived at about 8:30am, unloaded and saddled up. Rebecca rode her 17.3h Grey SWB, Oncore; Beth rode her 16.2h Chestnut OTTB, Stanley. We walked, trotted and cantered the horses down the beach. The horses accepted the waves coming in and we got out as deep as their chests. It only took about an hour and half of the horses working through the water, and they were pooped out. We were off the beach, loaded and headed home by 12:30. It was a beautiful and breezy day. Too bad Rebecca’s horse is so tall that she did not want to dismount to shell gather…and trust the fact, she saw a variety of shells to be collected.

So many ohhhs and ahhhs, and smiles from the folks we passed. We allowed the people to take our pictures and pet the horses. We felt very special…kind of like movie stars. The people on the beach were so friendly and talkative. They very much enjoyed seeing the horses and we were so accepting of the conversations. The horses made a lot of people smile.

on the beach Oncore loves the wave action.

IMG_1341 Many beautiful homes on the beach here. 

Mickler’s Landing has bathroom facilities, outdoor showers, a wooden walkway that will accommodate wheelchairs, and horse trailers with plenty of parking and posted information about threatened and endangered species that may be encountered while there.

FlexSure Realty Services, Inc. is a proud member of the St. Johns County St Augustine Board of Realtors which serves the Fernandina, Pontre Vedra, Villano Beach, St. Augustine coastline area. We have access to many listings from modest to mansion; city to country. Call us today so that we can help you find your dream home and/or sell your property to upgrade or downsize!


Rebecca rides, trains and teaches riding lessons, focussing on all aspects of dressage. She owns 10 horses, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Quarter Horses, Welsh Crosses. Half of them are rescues and off the track. They enter their new life and bring much joy to the students who get to ride them. Learn more about her and her horses at her ThaddleDo Farm web site.

canterdepart Riding Oncore (SWB) and first canter depart with Berieter Wolfgang Scherzer 

ME&NIK 1 Riding Nickel (OTTB), collected and extended trot work with Berieter Wolfgang Scherzer 

me&sisL In hand presentation at the Oldenburg Verbande breeding registry inspection, with Rebecca’s prize and much beloved Secretariat grand daughter…Sissy (TB).