Guaranteed Sale Programs (aka Empty Promises)

“…if your home doesn’t sell (small print, nothing verbally heard: at the terms you agree to or in xyz days) then Big Money Realtor will buy it…”

Hahaha. Are you kidding me?

If you (the seller) don’t like/agree to the terms, your home won’t sell, because you aren’t that stupid and won’t sign a contract that’s unacceptable to you, right? Has anyone else but me dissected the statement above and realized what a marketing lie it is?

“Sex, lies and advertise” is the old inside marketing moto. How do I know this? Let me count the ways!

Rebecca Burns, Broker/Owner of FlexSure Realty also owns graphic design, marketing and advertising agency ComQuest Designs in Gainesville FL since 1990. “THE best form of advertising is word of mouth. Other top picks do not involve big money being dumped into the abyss of nationally sold endorsement advertising campaigns and lead source generation for buyers and sellers, bought through numerous and varied agencies at big money costs”, says Rebecca.

Instead Rebecca plows through all the noise and chatter of big promises with little to no return on her advertising dollars, and is equipped with long standing, real world, professionally based knowledge of new technologies which often rise on the promise of making things simpler, better, and cheaper. Over time however, we learn that they (the technologies) do make things faster, better, and even cheaper, but rarely do things stay simple.

Consider the advertising marketplace, which once seemed pretty straightforward (network TV ads and print materials). Back then marketers had limited knowledge of who saw their ads and how prospects responded. Today, marketers can target specific pools of customers and track their activity, yet managing a variety of social, web, and mobile programs makes the old days of TV’s hegemony seem quaintly appealing. Companies like Google and Bing contend that things will get easier, thanks to new analytics and programmatic marketplaces. More likely, the industry will become more effective at targeting the right message to the right person in the right way, but it will also become more complex.

Rebecca Burns, Broker/Owner of FlexSure Realty Services, Inc. also owns her companion firm ComQuest Designs and has been making use of programmatic advertising with great effect since 1993, during the grassroots internet revolution. The advances and results she has seen over the years have been incredible. However, experience has shown her that its promises of maximizing ROI are empty without highly knowledgeable and sophisticated analytics. After all, it takes a blend of machine-learning technologies (like artificial intelligence) and marketer’s intuition (predictive analytics) for programmable advertising to effectively hit the right audience at the right time to drive higher-quality leads.

Since forming ComQuest Designs (with her 3 letter domain — which, BTW, do not exist for sale at any affordable price today) she has created memorable, effective marketing communications for her real estate corp, and contract freelance jobs over the years. She’s a versatile art director and brand strategist who addresses every challenge and opportunity with simple, yet unique, solutions. She fits seamlessly into a creative mode running her marketing departments for all her businesses. She understands how to market your real estate to help get it sold.

Identifying the Prospects
Targeting the Prospects
Knowing Their Triggers
Closing a Deal