Rebecca Burns, Broker/Owner – 352-870-5272
Mr. Nik 1st level dressage OTTB (Man O’War lineage)

THE equestrian Broker/Realtor® that understands the in’s and out’s of horse properties, hobby farms and equestrian estates! After all, she owns 9 horses since 1998!

She knows and researches the local area, has proven track record in sales, modern marketing systems and a precise understanding of your question needs and property value.

What makes Rebecca so confident and smart about representing buyers and sellers for horse properties? She owns 10 of them herself! She has been riding since age 6. Her passion for horses has never left her and with decades of experience and mentorship…she is the most valued and well versed equestrian with complete and total understanding of what a horse farm really is.

Finding an Equestrian Property Real Estate Agent

Horse farms are specialty land parcels that are best handled by an equestrian property real estate agent. This agent is responsible for representing the property accurately to buyers — requiring a detailed knowledge of ranches, horses, and equestrian estates.  Buyers and sellers around the world can trust FlexSure Realty agents for their expert insights and market skill.

Why Is Having an Agent in Your State Important?

Horse properties are valuable pieces of land that have to be handled correctly in order for the deal to close successfully, and to the mutual satisfaction of buyer and seller. A real estate agent for horse property can also:

  • Inform you of local regulations regarding horse farms;
  • Tell you about available financing;
  • Help secure any necessary structural inspection of the residence, horse barn and other buildings.

We help buyers by locating just the right property.
We help sellers connect with motivated buyers from all over the country. 

Whether you are buying or selling, make sure you work with a qualified agent. FlexSure Realty is proud to recommend horse properties and has specialized knowledge of equestrian real estate because we are horse owners ourselves.

Don’t be fooled by the luxury homes sales agents who bill themselves as equestrian realtors…all you have to do is ask them what the difference between a gelding and a mare is, or talk about breeds and colors and markings. What discipline do you gravitate too, how old can a horse live, what is laminitus vs. founder, what is the coffin bone and what do we use banamine for…bet you most “equestrian” realtors get tongue tied and change the subject when it comes to talking horse. Not Rebecca! She hasn’t seen it all, but she’s seen and experienced a lot over the years!

So connect with the Top Equestrian Agent in the Gainesville and St. Augustine areas now – call Rebecca Burns today.